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Local Hero, Waylon Reavis, will never sing with Mushroomhead again


Posted 6:54 pm, 09/20/2016

I only listen to Buckethead.


Posted 5:46 pm, 09/20/2016

LOL, he is over 40, his career is over anyway. If there is no set for you in the life boat, sink the **** boat. I am sure Waylon and I have talked about this many times.


Posted 5:40 pm, 09/20/2016

That's my point, Springy. Leaving might have been the right move, I don't know. Going to a radio interview and talking about how bad your former band was... that's just unprofessional. He's the one hurting himself now.


Posted 5:36 pm, 09/20/2016

I know the old band also. They are a bunch of backstabbing ****s in general. They were to busy binking each others girlfriends to actually take music seriously. Why should Waylon let them hold him back?


Posted 5:31 pm, 09/20/2016

I agree, he's one of the most talented singers to come out of our area. But the way he threw his old band under the bus, I can't imagine any other band is going to rush to hire him. That just wasn't professional.


Posted 4:44 pm, 09/20/2016

I know Waylon personally. He is a good guy. I don't particularly care for metal, actually it sux and it is full of backstabbing ****s. However, Waylon is a Wilkes county man who has made a name for himself and we should stand behind him.


Posted 4:17 pm, 09/20/2016

Mushroomhead's a little heavier than Slipknot so they don't get as much radio time. They've been around for about 20 years, though.


Posted 3:57 pm, 09/20/2016

I've heard of Slipknot but never Mushroomhead. It's a great way to open an interview with a new band.


Posted 3:51 pm, 09/20/2016

Wow, Waylon, right or wrong this is a good way to make sure no other band wants to hire you...

Former Singer Says Mushroomhead Are Bad People, Hopes They Die Slowly

If you know anything about the Cleveland band Mushroomhead, it's probably this: They're the metal band whose members wear scary masks but who are not Slipknot. As a matter of fact, the two bands have been beefing with one another, on and off, since 1999. So it has to hurt that a former Mushroomhead singer has now given an interview in which he claims that "Slipknot is better."

As Metalsucks points out, Waylon Reavis a singer who joined Mushroomhead in 2004 and left last year, recently gave an interview to the radio show Rock Rage in which he ****ed all over his former band. As for Slipknot, here's what he had to say:

Slipknot is better. Flat out. Corey Taylor, you're a bad*** ****in' singer. Slipknot, you're a great ****ing performance� I'll say it personally because I wasn't in Mushroomhead when all that **** went down. Guys, Slipknot is better. Hands down.

He also apparently left the band on terrible terms, and now he claims that Mushroomhead is essentially a dictatorship run by drummer Steve "Skinny" Felton:

You know why [Mushroomhead] didn't make it in this industry? Because they ****ed over people all over the industry. They **** talk. They don't care about you. They want your money. They're not good people�

Mushroomhead is nix. I hope they die slowly. I hope their fan base just goes down, and down, and down. I will never sing a song with them ever again. I wish I had never met 'em.

Metalsucks also points out that Mushroomhead use a Confederate flag onstage and that one member signed a petition last year asking for Black Lives Matter to be declared a "terrorist organization." So yeah, **** Mushroomhead.


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