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Game of Thornes
Who is your favorite character? I am going with the Mother of Dragons.

Bradd Pit
If my Angelina Jolie dies because of you,there will be one less fan who admires your work as you will never amount to what she has done f...

Ex KISS Guitarist Vinnie Vincent Feels the Bern!
I thought he was dead! Nice to see the Ankh Warrior back! http://nationalreport.net/e...president/


Charlie Sheen
He's announcing tomorrow on TODAY that he has HIV.

What happened to Dan Akroid?
Did he lose money on his vodka company? What caused him to start doing insurance company commercials? He had a good career. Did he blow h...

Oh my...
Karl-El just broke Zod's Kryptonian neck.

It's a Bird, it's a Plane....
Wait a minute....It's a girl https://www.youtube....m46-envrHo

American Horror Story
How many of you watch this sadistic, thought provoking show? Come on now, lets be honest. What are your thoughts? Lady Gaga certainly add...

Writing Group
I'm starting a writing group in Surry County. I'm wanting to have a small group of maybe four to six people, serious about screenwriting ...

local movie company add
There was an add for a local movie company,the one who's one film was the topic in the Record a couple times on the site but I guess it's...

read any good books lately?
I have: The Infected: Jim's First Day By Joseph "Zombie" Zuko & the follow up, Karen's First Day. A great zombie series.

1 x 1 =2 ??
Terrance Howard....crazy or ahead of his time!?! I'm thinking crazy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/...rview.html

Miss America Pageant tonight?
what was the answer Miss Georgia gave to her question?

How did Tyrant end last night?
My DVR apparently had a brainfart and cut off in the middle of jamal's address to the nation at the very end of the episode. He was expec...

Video Music Awards
Did anyone see this? I believe it was the worse that I have ever seen.

Rabbit TV
I just bought the Rabbit TV (USB insert into PC) from dollar tree. after a bit of effort (and customer service) it actually worked. did a...

CMA Country Music Festival
Great show but I missed Blake Shelton Didn't seem complete without him.

Will be so happy!
I will be so happy when something worth watching is on TV.

Anyone ever watch Hogans Heros?
How come they had tunnels to every place except Klink's office?


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